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Through in-depth reporting, product reviews, and a commentary that entertains as much as it informs, we speak to the audiences that matter most, about the innovations that deeply affect their lives.
Digital Trends is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best technology products and services available today — and uncovers the innovations that will help shape the futures of humankind.  Digital Trends covers tech for the way you live.

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Our Spanish language site speaks to one of today’s most vital and fast-growing demographics with fun, human-centered coverage that enhances lives and  excites audiences by infusing an innate cultural awareness into all of our Spanish language tech content.

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The Manual crafts bespoke lifestyle content for guys, covering fashion, food, drink, travel, grooming, and the active lifestyle. Our entertaining, conversational articles and videos deeply engage with our audience - speaking to men about the subjects they care about most.

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The Angle’s curated product reviews and best-of lists cover all of the must-haves from the worlds of fashion, kids, electronics, health + beauty, home + garden, travel, and sports + outdoors, offering a voice that consumers trust.

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Home decor solutions that make sophisticated design an accessible part of everyday life: from furnishings to gadgets and accessories - as well as plenty of helpful design tips and creative home solutions, 21 Oak presents the best content from around the world of home design, delivered with style, wit and a friendly touch.

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Small business owners can count on ToughJobs to deliver fresh content that tackles crucial topics like leadership, inspiration, strategy, and reviews of the tools needed to grow their businesses and exceed their goals.

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Today’s parents want only the best for their kids —and at the best value. New moms and dads can rest assured that NewFolks’ relatable, cleverly written parenting tips and product coverage will guide them towards a happier, healthier family life.

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Inspiration, tips and how-tos for a more verdant lifestyle for city dwellers and suburban farmers alike, HappySprout offers a modern take on green living that sparks joy from the roots up.

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An entirely new take on the topic of beauty for a new generation. More than skin deep, BlissMark delivers a perspective that is inclusive of sustainability, body positivity, and holistic wellbeing.

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Because modern pet lovers are more than mildly obsessed with their furry friends, PawTracks brings inspiration, tips, the best products on earth to ensure our readers and their pets are happy and healthy.

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Across our portfolio of sites we reach a target audience known as the HENRY (High Earners Not Rich Yet) millennials, tech savvy early adopters, whose sphere of influence spans generations.
57 | 43%
Male / Female
Average age 34
Average income
Must be more selective with purchases and relies on the HENRY for advice.
Early adopters, smartphone-centric. Learn about  products in “real time”. Values the experience products provide, smaller brands & limited edition products. Diverse generation.
Affluent but relies on the HENRY for advice due to busier lives.


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