Digital Trends Media Group Unveils Industry’s First Intent-Focused First Party Data Platform

The largest independent technology publisher has unveiled the revolutionary first party data solution after two years of production and beta.

‍April 14, 2021 Portland, Oregon - Digital Trends Media Group announced today the official launch of Rapport AI. Already functioning in beta, the publishing platform is the first of its kind to engage consumers at key touch points through the total purchase journey, from awareness to action, consideration to conversion - and at each key step in between. ‍

“We’re excited to be doing our part to evolve the data conversation,” says Nathan Bell, SVP of Data and Business Analytics at Digital Trends. “The industry has been wrapped up in a false narrative that suggests you can only have one - privacy or meaningful data. We knew that by completely rethinking the model we could create something that organically offers both.”

Rapport AI uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze more than 200 discreet behavioral data points attached to each individual consumer to transcend the current targeting model and completely redefine segmentation. The result is fully compliant and anonymous consumer targeting with laser accuracy, at scale.

“Our fully privacy-compliant solutions empower both consumers and our partners,” continues Bell. “We deliver what consumers want, which is value and convenience, at a level that’s unrivaled. We save consumers time, and engage when it’s relevant, wherever they are in their purchase journey. For advertisers, the platform is revolutionary. Because we’re able to engage consumers at critical touch points all the way through purchase in ways that are uniquely meaningful to them, the ability to seamlessly target with hyper-personalized content is powerful and the value of the data is groundbreaking.”

Due to the platform’s ability to engage with consumers with preemptive targeting all the way through purchase, it’s the first and only solution that activates the “intender audience,” or consumers that are ready-to-buy. The platform also can interplay with advertiser data using fully anonymized “clean rooms” to exponentially increase the value of advertiser data and its utility. 

The data solution comes as the industry shifts away from third-party data platforms in response to consumer privacy demands. Rapport AI is GDPR and CCPA compliant, and meets recent privacy expectations laid out by industry leaders, Apple and Google.

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